7 Muscle Gaining Tips Essential to Muscle Growth


These tips are CRUCIAL to know if you want to build muscle. They are the fundamentals to muscle gaining. Muscle growth will start to happen when these ideas are taken into action!

1. Put simply, you will not build the maximum amount of muscle if you do not incorporate compound exercises into your routine. A compound exercise is one which depends on the use of more than one muscle group. The most effective compound exercises include squats, barbell bench presses, deadlifts, barbell military presses, bent over barbell rows, and others. These exercises permit the use of high volumes of weight, and enable the body to synthesize protein more effectively, leading to better all around muscle growth!

2. Without proper nutrition, it is nearly impossible to steadily build muscle. To put on muscle mass, it is crucial that you consume more calories per day than you burn. Beginners can put on muscle in a calorie defecit only because it is a shock to their body. But intermediate and advanced bodybuilders MUST consume more calories than they burn to build muscle!

3. Your calories should be in the form of lean proteins (fish, lowfat milk, cottage cheese, chicken breast, etc.), complex and simple carbohydrates (oats, potatoes, beans, rice, etc.), vitamins in the form of fruits and vegetables, and essential and noessential fats.

4. Your muscles grow when you’re resting. Because it takes a lot of hard work and effort to lift weights, you need a proper night’s sleep each and every night of at least 8 hours.

5. Work each muscle group no more than once every 6 days. Smaller muscle groups such as the abdominal muscles can be worked twice a week.

6. Keep a training log. Record exactly what you do during each workout, complete with the date, time started and finished, exercise names, weight used, and reps completed. Also take some notes on how you feel before and after the workout.

7. Each and every workout, you MUST improve. This improvement may be as little as one rep on one set from each exercise. Or you could have a great day in which you are able to obtain 5 more reps on a certain exercise. Whatever you do though, improve each and every workout!

These are just the fundamentals to muscle building. There is a lot more you can learn, but these tips will provide a sold base of knowledge for you to get started. So start putting them into action!