Comfort and Style With Geox Shoes


Fashions change throughout the years as to what is, and is not, in style. However, there are very few revolutionary ideas that change how shoes in general, are made. Geox shoes though, did change the way shoes were made. Geox footwear took existing technology and improved it, making their shoes both stylish and the ultimate in comfort. Geox trainers are perfect for men and women and can be paired with any casual attire or can be used for sports, exercise or walking. The innovative design ensures your feet are comfortable and healthy. There is even a children’s line so the kids have nice looking, comfortable shoes to ensure early foot health.

History of Geox

Mario Moretti Polegato is the founder of Geox. The company itself is relatively new, only starting in 1995. Polegato was exercising and his feet got very hot and sweaty. To alleviate his discomfort he poked a few holes in his shoes and a light bulb went off. His idea to come up with a breathable shoe was the impetus for starting the Geox line. He got the name by combining the word for Earth, „geo“ with the symbol for technology, „x“ and the brand was born. Geox shoes are made with innovative technology. In fact, the Geox footwear is made with patented designs. There have been strides made from the research and development department in creating tools and machines to make Geox trainers the best in the business.

Technology behind the shoe

All the shoes in the line are breathable. The rubber is made from a patented design that allows the air to circulate but remain waterproof. The leather that is used in shoes is naturally porous and breathable but it is not waterproof. So, Geox solves the problem by inventing a micro porous membrane that fits atop the leather. The combination of the patented leather and patented rubber technology make for the ideal breathable shoe that is still water proof. This allows the foot to remain at the ideal temperature. In summer, the foot remains cool and dry. For winter wear, the foot remains warm and dry for the best of both worlds.

The ultimate in comfort

The shoes by Geox are some of the most comfortable around. The entire line consists of casual and dressy shoes for men, women and children. So, whether you are jogging, running errands, going to school or working in a casual environment, your feet will be well cared for and comfortable. You will not have to worry about an uncomfortable sweaty feeling or the potential for embarrassing odour either.

Fashion for the foot

Although Geox shoes are comfortable they are also fashionable. Geox trainers are perfect for those who are active, on the go or who exercise or indulge in sports. They are the perfect casual and functional shoe that goes well with everything. But if you are looking for a more formal shoe, Geox footwear has dress shoes that are suitable for the office or evening wear. These shoes are not only comfortable but look good with your entire wardrobe.