Component Audio Video Cable – Connect Your Sound System


If you’ve finally made the upgrade to high definition or LCD television, you are likely now wondering how you will connect the various components of your home entertainment or home theater system to this new TV set. The component video audio cable is what you will need to connect various parts of your entertainment system, such as your DVD player, satellite box, cable box, blue-ray player, video game system like Xbox or PlayStation or other device.

The component video audio cable allows you to put an end to the nightmare of connecting video with one cord and audio with another cord, if your devices don’t have an HDMI cable input. HDMI cable is the ideal cable for your television. This type of cable (HDMI cable), is used to connect devices and system parts (DVD, CD player, or other devices) that have an input for HDMI to your high definition or LCD television. Check your components to see that they can use this type of cable. Hopefully, they will have this capability (most new electronics do; don’t expect your old VCR to have one).

If your devices don’t have this, you can still use the component video audio cable to connect them to your new television. Check the back of your device, such as your DVD player. You will see a green, red, and blue input. Component video is an older analog connection that doesn’t fully support high definition televisions; it transmits video only. You will have to have a separate cable in order to transmit audio, like two RCA cable (typically white and red). But, if you choose a component video audio cable, you need (you guessed it) just one cable. Some of these types of cables come with an additional two extra cable attached so that you can easily connect five different devices with one cable. Look for them to be sold as 5 RCA Component Video Audio Cables.

If you have made the upgrade to Blue-ray players, or if you have a newer generation gaming system like Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii, you will have no problem because they have an HDMI output and the HDMI cable is the right way to connect those devices. Surround sound systems that are found in many home theaters, however, will not usually fit with your HDMI connection, thus necessitating the use of the component audio video cable instead.

If in doubt, simply refer to your device’s user manual for more help on connecting it to a high definition or LCD television. For older devices, you may need to go to the manufacturer’s website for more specific instructions.