Evidence Supporting the Existence of Mermaids


It was believed that a creature of upper human body and lower fish body had circulated the oceans back 5,000 B.C. According to some religious myths, these mermaids rose from the depth of the oceans to educate man. A-well known historian and scientists, Pliny the Elder had documented the accounts of these ‚real mermaids‘. He was quite sure about the existence of this creature and called them scaled and rough all over. After that conviction, thousands of fishers and sailors worldwide had reported of seeing the ‚real mermaids‘ swimming close to their ships.

In this context, Christopher Columbus also described his encounter with a ‚mermaid‘ in 1493 at the ocean of Haiti. He stated that these creatures came out of water slightly and they were not beautiful as mentioned in fictions. Later, in an antiquated text of history named as Speculum Regale, it was written around 1250 in Norway, the mermaids are not depicted as pretty women but like a semi aquatic creature. In the 13th century, a person Physiologus in his book of animal study had described about real ‚mermaid‘ consisting of upper woman body and lower fish body. Later in the book of Historia Monstrorum, the author had reported the union of mermaid near the River Nile.

In 1608, Henry Hudson had explored the existence of mermaid near the region of Russia. He described a creature looking like man from upper part having a speckled and porpoise like a mackerel. according to his view, this creature had white skin, woman breasts and long hair at back. Recently in 2004, a ‚mermaid‘ corpse was seen in the ocean of Chennai after the account of tsunami. However, researcher believes that stories about existence of real mermaid are merely example of misunderstanding. While other believes that mermaid is the actual creature that lives into depth of the sea and now they have become extinct due to the environmental pollution.