Floating Solar Pool Heaters


Are you trying to extend your swimming season for your in ground or above ground swimming pool? Do you want to know the secret to having wonderfully warm water throughout the season and being able to extend your swimming season by a couple months? There are many pool heaters to choose from including floating solar pool heaters. Here are the best choices for the best situations.

First, the floating heater does not work well just by itself. You need to have another heater to go along with it because it will only gain you a degree or two in temperature. However, it is great for holding in the heat that you gain from another type of heater. This is the best way to use your floating solar heater.

Second, if you pair this with a regular solar heater you can gain between 7 and 15 degrees in water temperature from your normal water temperature. This is a wonderful pair because the floating heater or solar cover will hold in all the heat you gain from your other heater. Plus a solar heater is very inexpensive and will work without raising your utility bills like crazy.

Third, if you need a heater to use for quick heating or for a vacation home, then a gas powered heater is what you are after. Pairing this up with the solar cover will give you some quick heat. You can get a pool up to the desired temperature in about 2 to 4 hours with a gas heater. However, this is not a good heater for everyday use because it will run your gas bill way up and cause you more expense than it is worth.

Last, the electric heater paired with floating solar pool heaters is good only for those that live in climates that do not get a lot of sunlight. If you get a lot of sunlight, then just use a solar heater, but if you cannot find a good place to get sunlight for about 8 hours of the day, then an electric pool heater might be a good choice.