Fun Facts About Alpacas


Many of the modern day conveniences we have today, are taken for granted. When these conveniences were not available throughout history, alpaca fiber was the base of survival for many ancient civilizations.

  • Alpaca fiber, which is often called alpaca wool by mistake, is extremely warm!
  • Strands of alpaca fiber examined by a microscope reveal tiny air pockets throughout the alpaca fiber. These air pockets are what make alpaca fiber such a great insulator, making clothing made from alpaca fiber warm and very light weight.
  • There are no naturally occurring oils, grease, or lanolin in alpaca fiber, so there is no worry about a garment made from alpaca fiber having a foul odor that would need to be masked.
  • Alpaca fiber is stronger than the more commonly worn Merino wool; therefore it is also more abrasion resistant.
  • Alpaca fiber is extremely durable. It can be blended and dyed any color without losing its natural sheen.
  • It is compatible with woolen or worsted systems, so a garment does not necessarily have to be made entirely of alpaca fiber. Plus, since the fibers are so strong, they are water resistant and can withstand solar radiation.
  • Above all, Alpaca fiber has a beautifully silky sheen, which is very appealing to the eye, making it a high commodity in the apparel industry.
  • Alpacas are naturally neat when living together. They even all use the same spot of land as their communal bathroom!
  • Ancient Incan Societies used the alpaca as their mode of survival. Everything they made, from clothes, to roofs, to bridges were made from Alpaca fiber. Even their mode of currency was Alpaca cloth!
  • There are two main types of alpaca fiber; The Huacaya alpaca fleece has a natural „crimp,“ or, „crinkle,“ in the fiber. This natural wave in the alpaca’s fiber creates a yarn that retains it shape over time. Suri alpaca fleece is known for its natural sheen and luster. Suri Alpaca fiber is what is commonly used in high end woven goods, as this showcases the beautiful way its sheen can interact with light.
  • Alpacas are very friendly and cute! They make great pets, and make a soft humming sound, which is very soothing to the ear.