Geologic Solutions: New GPRS Technology for Transportation Services!


It is impressive to see how technological advances have changed the world in the last few years. Never, in the history of humanity, have human beings been so united from the point of view of the advances in telecommunications and information. Geologic Solutions is a company that has served as a bridge between these advances and the trucking industry. In today’s world, it is very important to have the ability to understand the needs of customers and to have the speed to offer the best solutions. For this reason, this company is a leading provider of new technology for the transportation industry.

Geologic Solutions is directed by an executive team with wide trucking history that offers the most complete, cost-effective, technological solutions for its clients. Recently, two important trucking companies have decided to purchase equipment the new GPRS technology. Sitton Motor Lines has purchased MobileMax units operational with new GPRS, while Fikes Truck Line decided to extend its agreement with Geologic Solutions and buy additional MobileMax Multi Mode communications and tracking systems for the its dedicated owner-operators.

With only a month of being offered in the market, the new GPRS have received excellent commentaries from customers that are satisfied with the speed of the network. For this reason, Sitton Motor Lines have required this new technology and system equipped in its 500 vehicle fleet. As said by John Lewis, CEO for GS, „the network is performing exactly as we expected and we are pleased that carriers like Sitton are realizing the benefits of using it“.

On the other hand, Fikes Truck Lines has increased its number of units as a direct response to the rising number of independent drivers that have requested this advanced technology. Jerry Davis, vice president of safety and insurance at Fikes, has said that the main reason numerous contractors have decided to take the system is because it improves the productivity and efficiency. In the case of this company, it is worth to emphasize that they principally work with owner-operators and by the end of this year they expect to have installed about 280 of the Geologic systems.

So, if you want to improve your equipments with a fine technology, Geologic Solutions is going to offer you a premium quality service verified by the testimonials of representatives of several trucking companies. Some companies pleased with the GS systems are such as J&R Schugel Trucking, Trailiner, Garrison Trucking, among others.