Google Chrome Crash – Solution That Works


Google Chrome crash was reported by various users. Below are the solutions that worked for many users whose computer were facing this browser error:

1. Remove Conflicting Download Manager

2. Repair the Corrupted Chrome Registry Entries

3. Create a New Browser Profile

4. Disable Sandbox Feature

5. Disable Malfunctioning Third Party Extensions

Remove Conflicting Download Manager

Some of us use a download manager program so as to speed up the files downloading procedure. Problem with the integration of the download manager program in the browser leads to Google Chrome crash.

You may turn off this feature. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Open your download manager program.

2. Click Downloads | Options. Or Tools | Options.

3. Click General tab.

4. In the Capture downloads from the following browsers list box, uncheck Google Chrome option.

5. Click OK and restart Google Chrome.

Repair the Corrupted Chrome Registry Entries

This browser saves its essential settings in the registry. Corrupted registry entries cause Google Chrome crash problem. This problem can be solved using a Registry Cleaner tool that normally is available in a good system utility software.. Download it to fix the problem.

Create a New Browser Profile

The browser saves user preferences and other browser configurations on your hard disk. If these files are corrupted it may result in Google Chrome crash. That is why create a new one as shown below:

1. Click Start | Run.

2. Type the following location: %LOCALAPPDATA%GoogleChromeUser Data

3. Hit ENTER.

4. You may see a folder named Default with Backup.

5. Right click the Backup folder and select Cut option.

6. Click Back on the Standard Toolbar.

7. Click Edit | Paste so as to move it to the Chrome folder.

8. Restart Chrome.

Disable Sandbox Feature

The Sandbox feature in sometime cause the browser to crash. Disabling it may help fixing the problem as instructed below:

1. Click Start | All Programs | Chrome.

2. Right click Chrome shortcut and select Properties.

3. Modify the Target textbox, add the following instruction next to the existing target location: –no-sandbox

4. Click Apply | OK.

Disable Malfunctioning Third Party Extensions

While surfing the internet, you may have installed third party extensions. Some of them may not be working properly. Remove them as follows:

1. Open browser

2. Type the following in the Address Bar: chrome://extensions/

3. From Adobe Flash Player section, click Uninstall link.

4. Follow the on screen instructions.

5. Visit Adobe website and download Adobe Flash Player extension again.