Great Ideas For Making Wooden Train Tracks


Who doesn’t like playing with trains? Toy trains have been around since the real thing came into existence and have been a favorite among children and adults alike. Toy trains can be complicated creations as realistic as their real-life counterparts or as simple as a wooden pull toy. Toy trains fuel the imagination and inspire big dreams that can continue for a lifetime.

There are a number of wonderful wooden train track sets for kids that are not only fun to play with but stimulate the mind through imagination and aid in coordination skills as children handle them and move them about on their wooden tracks. From toddlers to school age children, wooden train sets can be enjoyable and educational.

Perhaps even more fun than playing with wooden trains is expanding the wooden train tracks, creating enviable layouts for more playtime fun. How can a child resist making their set bigger and better? This can be a great bonding opportunity for kids and parents to share in the creative process by learning how to work together and finish a project.

Some of the most popular wooden train sets include Thomas and Friends, Maxim Enterprise, Brio, and Learning Curve and are made to last through years of rough play. Additionally, there are a number of wooden train track layouts made to be compatible with these train sets. 

To start building on an existing set of tracks, the rules are simple. There are no rules. Pieces can be purchased in small or large quantities and should include as many straight and curved tracks as the imagination will allow. Adding switches and bridges will surely add to the fun and create a more sophisticated layout. Keeping extra track pieces on hand will make it hard for a child to resist expanding on their set again and again and altering the layout whenever their heart desires. What a way to stimulate a child’s mind and creativity.

Also available and easy to find online are many layout ideas and layout sheets that can be used for just about any wooden train set. These are great for beginners to start the expansion process and can inspire children to utilize their own ideas. 

For so many children from toddlers on up, a wooden train track can be a source of hours of fun. Whether playing conductor or redesigning the train tracks, the imagination never stops.