Home Inspection Franchise – 6 Things You Must Look For


Home inspection franchise businesses are becoming more and more popular, as a result of their fast growth potential.

That’s because home inspections – once a rarity – happen in more and more home sales each year. In truth, nearly all realtors (99% says a landmark National Realtor Association Study) recommend one to their buyers! US GEO estimates that, „94% of buyers are likely to get a home inspection for future purchases.“

That’s a lot of potential for smart entrepreneurs pondering an investment into a home inspection franchise opportunity.

What is also exciting is that, nowadays, both sellers and buyers understand the benefits of a having their home inspected. Those buying a house are aware of the fact that it protects their investment. Sellers realize that pre-listing inspections eliminate deal breaking surprises, and are proven to sell homes faster and for higher prices. Now that they no longer have to convince clients to get one, many inspectors are having an easier time finding clients.

So, what makes a great home inspection franchise opportunity? Here are some critical things to look for.

A Powerful Competitive Advantage:

In some towns, home inspectors are all over the place, so in order to be very successful you need to have a competitive advantage over competitors. The best companies provide this competitive advantage, right off the bat. For example, advanced certifications, better or more complete service, and powerful, marketable guarantees can really attract a lot of new business. Some inspection services „sell themselves“ over the competition – most do not.

Turnkey Marketing Plan:

When you choose a company to align with, be sure that they give their franchisees a turnkey marketing plan. Nothing is worse than investing in a franchise and discovering that there is little in the way of marketing help, collateral, tools, or a proven plan to land new and repeat clients. The company YOU select should provide this step by step plan to you, including proven marketing pieces, promos, websites, and much more.

Reputation & Experience

Just because a company is looking for franchisees, doesn’t mean they’ve got a business worth buying. Be sure the company that you’re considering has stood the test of time and has a great reputation in the industry. Be mindful of who owns the company and their experience in the industry.

Realtor Focus

Realtors are in a unique place to deliver inspection professionals a LOT of clients. Does the franchise you’re considering take this into account? Do they have a specialized marketing plan for generating consistent referrals from real estate agents in your location? Make sure they do.

Exclusive Territory

Nothing is worse than purchasing a business only to find that there’s a second (or third!) franchisee fighting for clients in YOUR area! A company that values its business owners will issue you an exclusive territory where you can grow without fear of company competition. This is extremely important!


A lot of companies charge what’s known as a „sliding scale royalty fee“ charged against their inspectors‘ weekly sales, generally in the range of 6 and 9 percent (this is sort of like „taxing“ success) plus co-op ad fees of 1 to 3 percent. In addition to that, quite a few franchises demand a monthly minimum or „quota“ that must be reached.

These fees bring undue strain on the inspector — and besides, it’s difficult to see how penalizing an inspector (making them pay more as their revenues grow) is fair. Be sure that you understand and agree with the quotas your home inspection franchise expects to charge you. Or better yet, decide on a company that doesn’t charge quotas at all… and charges only a flat fee!