How to Hit Irons Solid – Use a Forward Press Strategy For the Best Results When Hitting Your Irons


How to hit irons solid is a question I have asked myself a million times and always struggled to find the answer. For some golfers the ability to irons as well as they hit hybrids and woods is next to impossible. I was never able to hit my irons consistently for years and was running out of things to try to fix the problem. This article will talk about the forward press strategy and the benefits of using it to hit your irons better.

The forward press strategy was made famous or first used by Seve Ballesteros who in the 80’s was one of the most dominant golfers of this era. The essential strategy of the forward press is used at the point of setup. The traditional setup will have the ball slightly toward the front or lead foot and feet shoulder width apart. Now the forward press is simply shifting your weight forward onto your lead foot and leg. The shift is done by shifting your hips forward toward the target to create a straighter body line on the lead side.

This is a simple strategy that for some will have tremendous benefits. Now the rest of the swing the will remain the exact same. the only difference is the shifting of your weight at the point of set up. If you struggle with hitting your irons consistently or hitting your irons flat this maybe a strategy that will help you hit the ball more firm and crisp. For some who will try this strategy the results will not be what they are looking for. For those of you golfers who may not find success with this tip another method may work the best for you.

Every problem you have such as hitting fades or my favorite slicing the ball stem from improper golf swing mechanics. Maybe there is no power in your swing or you hit your drives too high and get no roll these can all be solved when you fix your swing. Drives too low stem from a poor golf swing.