How to Wirelessly Tether Your T-Mobile Nokia Nuron to Your Macintosh


Touchscreen phones are all the rage, thanks to the iPhone revolution. But AT&T recently ended their unlimited data plans, and the iPhone was never meant for tethering. For $30 a month (or less if you get a deal), T-Mobile offers unlimited data access when added to regular phone service. With the Nokia Nuron, that means you get free access to GPS and turn-by-turn directions, YouTube and more, plus you can connect your laptop to the internet at 3G broadband speeds at anytime! With a 4GB microSD card included free and a price tag as low as $49, this is a great deal for a smartphone and a great deal for wireless internet access on the go!

Here’s what I did to get a mac laptop connected to the internet with bluetooth and a Nokia Nuron.

First, pair the phone to the mac. Here are the steps:

1. Turn on bluetooth on the Mac by going to Apple – System Preferences – Hardware – Bluetooth

2. Turn on bluetooth on the Nokia Nuron by going to Settings – Connections – Bluetooth turn on bluetooth and make the device shown to all.

3. On the Mac, click the BT symbol in the menu bar and choose „Set Up Bluetooth Device,“ „Continue,“ and „Mobile phone“ and „Continue“ again. The mac will search for the phone. When it finds it, click continue twice more. This brings up the Passkey dialog with a unique number.

4. On the Nuron, enter the passkey to complete the pairing.

5. You can also go to the paired devices panel (top right) on the phone and set your mac as a trusted device. This lets you connect to your phone anytime without having to allow the connection every time.

You’ve now paired your Nokia Nuron with your Macintosh. Now let’s get your mac online!

Here are the steps to get your Mac tethered to your T-Mobile Nokia Nuron for internet access.

1. On the mac, the BT setup assistant should now show you some services available with your phone. Select the service marked „Access the Internet…“ and choose the „Direct…“ option, then click continue.

2. Enter „*99#“ as the string (without the quotes) and choose „Nokia Infrared“

3. On the menu bar, click the modem, make sure Bluetooth is checked, and select „Connect.“

Congratulations, you’ve now tethered your mac to the internet with your T-Mobile Nokia Nuron!