Interstellar Travel: Can It Really Be Accomplished? Yes


Interstellar travel: can it really be accomplished? YES. Yet humans are still concerned with the impossible. First: thinking that light speed is needed to reach another star. It isn’t. Light speed itself can’t be reached. Particle physics teaches us this and why it’s true. So if you’re using star trek and hollywood science-fiction fantasy physics then stop wasting your precious time and take a course in – real – physics. Both classical and modern forms at the college level. A general comprehension will let you know what can and can’t be done at this present date. Light speed can’t be reached accelerating any quantity of mass by any mechanical means. The energy needed is off the scale.

Only 15% of light speed and under is needed. You must deal in – real – physics to achieve star travel. Look at it this way: 1 horse power = 746 watts. 2 kilograms = 4.4 pounds. It takes 1.6 billion watts net or about 2 billion watts gross to accelerate 4.4 pounds up to 25,000 miles per second. 25,000 miles per second is about 13.5% of light speed. It would take 746 million horse power (or 7.46 Giga Watts) to accelerate about 14 pounds up to 25,000 miles per second. 14 pounds! What to say of one 150-225 pound human.

It’s meaningless to put this much power generating hardware into space given the utterly prohibitive and over whelming astronomical costs. You must deal in – real – physics to discover how and why star travel can be done. Second: wanting to send humans on an interstellar journey. IMPOSSIBLE. Just fiction and day dreaming. Why? TOO MUCH MASS. Energy and force are needed to accelerate any thing that has mass. The faster the mass is to go the more energy needed to accelerate it. Third: it takes money to put machinery into space. A lot of it.

Whatever is used to permit star flight must be within human being’s global financial abilities. If it isn’t it won’t be happening. There’s a way to accomplish star travel at an inexpensive level or roughly $500-700 million. This is tolerable or can be done. Humans dream up things that are 10’s, 100’s to 1,000’s of times beyond all the space agencies on Earth combined abilities to pay for. Fourth: daydreaming about worm holes, black holes, warp drive and the like. You and your children’s children’s children’s children won’t be around to see it happen. You may feel that I’m being unduly harsh. I’m not.

I work to get things done. Not tomorrow but today. The only day that you ever have. Which brings the matter to: why humans haven’t achieved interstellar travel yet when it could have been done since 1990? This is because of: incorrect lines of thinking. Interstellar travel must be done with very small amounts of mass, small amounts of energy and small amounts of money under $800 million. It isn’t complex but simple and not hard at all to grasp. Interstellar travel: can it really be accomplished? YES.