Local Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


When it comes to the art of marketing many people seem to know random tips and have opinions about it but the people who really knows what works and what are the steps to take a small business from zero to success are not going to hand over all of their years of hard work to just any newbie or competitor who enters a similar market.

Today’s business world is quite complex and competitive markets seem to get tighter by the day, as a small business owner you need strategies, organization, creativity and you need to make a lot of „friends“ as you develop your marketing plan. The first step is to always have some sort of flow chart which can be made from putting random ideas on a piece of paper, you can write down your budget, your options, costs and target markets you want to reach within your local community. Whether you are in a big or small town within the UK or anywhere in the world for that matter, knowing your potential customers and competitors should be one of the highest priorities.

If you are in business, you should have realized by now that your product is not „unique“, if it was you’d be monopolizing the niche you are in but since this is not the case you need to come up with a way to spin your marketing campaign to make your product sound and look unique to your prospects. You can offer a special guarantee, a trial, samples, free merchandise, discounts or any other kind of „incentive“ which is going to add value to your product or service setting you apart from the competition.

After developing a good marketing idea and positive spin for your business products and services you need find a medium to advertise what you have to offer, this is where your networking skills will come in handy, many people love the „business card“ approach but if it not done correctly you will be throwing away your fancy piece of paper. The number one mistake is to pay someone to distribute your cards on the streets or placing them on phone booths, etc. This practice will only degrade the look of your business and will drive people to your competitors who might be advertising through more professional mediums.

Always advertise to your target audience, for instance, it would be futile to advertise Real Estate deals on a high school football field, why? simply because the ones who will be looking at those ads will be teenagers who still have a lot of work to do before buying a house of their own, so consider places where your average customer would be exposed to your advertising

Another good way to get the word out is to use the web. As a smart business owner is your responsibility to learn new ways to advertise to your clients cheaply and effectively. Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo are excellent for this type of advertising since they are able to deliver „geo-targeted“ visitors according to their „IP addresses“ this only means that if you are operating in Whales, you will be able to target potential customers using these „geo-targeting“ capabilities. Also if you advertise online try to avoid advertising through mailing lists unless the people you send emails to have opted to get your newsletter.

Today’s business world is complex and competitive so when it comes to marketing your business you must always think outside the box.