Localization Through The Globalization Of The Internet


For many the technology of geo-targeting will be a means whereby they can offer better services online, for others it will be a way to allow potential customers in different cities to get different treatments, for others still such geo-targeting will merely be another metric they can use.

The true power of geo-targeting will not however will lay in the ability to make something as global as the internet as local as your corner bookstore. In the past the internet and globalization where about global competition, and while small businesses could still gain market share in such an environment, losing any market share in an industry with minimum profit margins often spelled disaster. With geo-targeting however industries can ally creating a single comprehensive website, so when goes to this website and orders something from it the order is made through the nearby stores. Further special events and ads for these stores would be possible on this same website. This would allow record and video stores whose margins have been hit hard by competition recently to run a download store of their own. Perhaps more importantly it could allow local comic book shops, hobby shops, and book stores to post the events and build their community.

Geo-targeting in this way would allow people to build not only international communities but local ones as well, places where like minded people could truly meet, for no matter where anyone went they would know where to go online to discover their local community. Book Stores and Comic shops would remain community hubs, and artists could continue to build the intellectual and cultural history of the place they lived. For all of these things and more provide localized events to build and shape people, and to improve their lives.

Those mass conglomerates would have a huge advantage, because they would be run by not a few but thousands of experts, thousands of people with a love and a passion for their industry. United these groups could write articles and help create websites that would expand human understanding of whatever their field was. This has always been the promise of the internet the opportunity for people to work together to grow human knowledge, and through Geo-Targeting experts will have the opportunity to work together to expand our knowledge, while truly and for the first time having the opportunity to benefit from the internet as a collective whole.

Think for example of the theater, as local theaters always struggle to gain the numbers necessary to stay open, and operational, despite all the artistry and humanity that such forums offer us. With Geo-Targeting the theaters of the world could be marketing together as a collective whole, drawing on each others strength and knowledge to support each other, for when people went to the central site they would have access to the world of knowledge available through every theater. At the same time what they would see would be what shows and events where occurring in their town, as will as ways to help there towns cultural community grow. Because there would only be a few of these geo-targeted sites they would over time become catch phrases as only an international and large corporation could, their PR would be to large as will as small papers, allowing them to discuss local events, while reminding people of their existence in the most common of magazines and news. This would offer the opportunity to expand the arts in ways never before possible.

Although the humanities are most likely the ones who will benefit most from such a geo-targeted groups, many other types of organizations could gain huge advantages. Astronomy clubs one of the most popular forms of independent science available could gain great benefit as people could always find clubs in there area and the collective knowledge of the world could be applied and coordinated to help build the knowledge base of this industry.

By this same token other communities could be built up through geo-targeting, robotics and civilian space travel as will could both have their own clubs, which support a central whole providing not only resources but knowledge as well. This would allow people to participate both in something right at home and in adding to the global knowledge of humanity.