The Top 10 Most Underrated NES Games of All Time


Everybody knows all the classics that came from the NES console. You know your Marios, Zeldas, and Metroids. What about the great games to come out for the NES that nobody ever talks about. So here is my top 10 most underrated games of all time for the NES:

10) Hogan’s Alley – Sure. Everybody remembers Duck Hunt as THE Zapper Game. But Hogan’s Alley was no slouch either. Plus, it taught the kids a good lesson. Don’t ever shoot at the cops.

9) Rygar – The arcade game might have had better graphics but you can’t deny the NES version had a lot more depth. The only setback was no password or save capability. That sucker took a while to beat.

8) Robocop – Very 80s for sure. Partial credit goes to the movie, but the game has some entertaining brainless fun.

7) Hudson’s Adventure Island – It may not be in the same league as Super Mario Bros. when it comes to platforming, but the video game had an irresistible charm.

6) Ice Hockey – Certainly primitive by today’s standards, especially considering the generic name of it. But the game had such a childlike simplicity (I mean that in a good way) that you couldn’t put the controller down.

5) Golgo 13 – The game is a bit of an acquired taste, which is why I personally loved it. I always admire when game developers take chances. Here is an 8-bit video game that involved the KGB, Russia, sex, etc… Talk about an eye opener when you’re only 10 years old.

4) Life Force – Its beyond me why this game didn’t get more publicity or have a bigger following. Stunning graphics for its day, this space shooter took pieces from games like Gradius and R-type and created its own unique gaming experience.

3) Maniac Mansion – This game always got more respect for the PC version, but the NES version was possibly even better. I believe it was the first video game I ever played that made me laugh out loud.

2) Crystalis – Only takes a backseat to The Legend of Zelda as far as action-RPG games are concerned.

1) Zelda II: Adventure of Link – I know what you’re saying. „How could a Zelda game be considered underrated“. Because to many people, this was the low point in the series. Sure, the game takes a little while to warm up to but once you get going, I think it holds up to any Zelda game to ever come out.