Timeshares Reviews: Warning: Don’t Purchase Until You Read This Crucial Information First


If you are considering buying a timeshare property, please pay close attention.  

Maybe you’ve been to a presentation just to get that „lovely free gift“ only to become wide eyed and downright giddy over the possibility of „owning“ an actual vacation property at just a fraction of the cost of buying retail. Timeshares reviews will often entice prospects with a lovely flat screen television or video game system just for listening to a 2 hr. presentation. Of course it makes sense to „share“ ownership, when you figure you will only be taking one or two vacations a year.  

Maybe you just adore that quaint little village in Spain, or the white sandy beaches of Hawaii, and everyday you imagine yourself parked there, drink in hand, admiring the local culture, almost wishing you could live there year round.  

But, in reality, a few weeks away is all you can afford, either time-wise, or monetarily, so you calculate the savings you would enjoy if you only owned a „piece“ of the pie instead of the responsibility and costs involved with owning the whole thing. Very savvy. 

Shared ownership has become more and more popular as the economy has become more unstable. And it does make some sense. Many timeshares reviews will sell you on the convenience of „sharing“ your weeks of paradise with others to avoid complications of actually buying outright a real estate property.

However, what if, just think about this for a minute, what if you could still take those same exact vacations you desire every single year, at the exact same locations you’ve been considering, but have absolutely NO responsibility of ownership what-so-ever?  

We’ve all heard about leveraging and how useful it is to accomplish a goal. We leverage our money to make more…leverage our time to accomplish more. What if you could leverage time share ownership so you could reap all the benefits with none of the hassle?  

How would you feel if I told you that you could travel all over the world and use someone else’s timeshare property…whenever you wanted…as often as you wanted, and the only thing you have to do to book your trip is log in to a website, find your destination….and „click“?  Imagine you have a set of keys that open thousands of doors to resorts around the globe and they are there, just waiting for you to arrive?  

This is what a luxury vacation membership is all about. You can travel at your leisure, on your schedule (i.e.; no more being limited to 1 week in July and one week in March for the next 20 years), and, read this….As Often As You Like!  

And the icing on the cake? You can rent these timeshare units (at 4 and 5 star resorts), for just a few dollars for the entire week…take a romantic trip for 2, or bring the whole family…it doesn’t matter. The price is the same. Plus, as an extra bonus, you will enjoy unlimited guest weeks. That means if you know someone special who would love to take a trip also, you can book it for them. This makes a great gift.  

You are probably wondering right now…Sounds great, but what’s the catch? Which of my arms or legs am I going to lose on this sweet deal? Are you ready? Here it is.  

There is no catch. Yes, you heard correctly. This is a product. You buy it, you own it. For life. It is a vacation membership. You’ve heard the phrase „membership has it’s privileges“. Here is your proof. You own the membership, and some other poor soul owns the timeshare unit that you just enjoyed for 1 week, 2 weeks, the month of August, what ever you desire. Most timeshares reviews will not tell you that there is an economical alternative to spending 10’s of thousands of dollars for a place you can only use once or twice a year.

What is the cost? Well, I can’t give away the farm right here, but I will tell you this. This exact membership has been sold to happy travelers for over 21 years, and I am an independent representative authorized to resell it to the general public for less than 1/3 the retail price. That is the absolute truth. The company selling these memberships partnered with a marketing firm in 2007 to sell in bulk at a highly discounted rate and the results have been tremendous. Visit my website below to find out everything, and be sure to book a free, no hype, no obligation tour (relax; it’s just an internet webinar…no free flat screen TV, though, sorry).  

One last bonus to owning this vacation membership. Because you’ll be so happy you’ll probably tell others about it. If your neighbor Bob thinks you are „so lucky“ and wants to travel like you do, he’ll probably buy a membership too, and now you’ve earned $1,000. How fantastic is that?  

Live Life On Vacation