UFO: Geoglyphs How and Why


You’ve seen them on TV, right; those bigger than a football field images in the deserts and on alpine plateaus in South America and other parts of the world?

Everybody wants to know how they got there. I asked Xrytspet from Fanton in G10009845788899990766. She seems to know about such things.

I said, „Xrytspet, what can you tell me about Geoglyphs; those bigger than a football field images in the deserts and on alpine plateaus in South America?“

She said, „Don’t bother me, Idiot. I’m in communication with Silzrack.“

She meant telepathic communication. Like her use of levitation, she borders on the absurd. I said, „Tell, Silzrack, Hello!“

She said, „Shut up, Taylor Jones, the hack writer.“

Finally she looked up at me.

She said, „Silzrack crashed the experimental FnL8Z Time Craft on an alpine plateau in Peru. Sorry I can’t amuse you, Taylor Jones, the hack writer. I’ve got to get him down from there before he freezes his zimpdongs off. See ya!“

I chased after her out to the barn. I said, „Xrytspet, that is exactly where I want to go. That’s what I was trying to talk to you about. I’m coming with you.“

As we entered the barn, she shook her yellow hair and said, „Well, who’s stopping you, Idiot? Hop in!“

We boarded the good ol‘ reliable FnL7 Time Craft and took off.

Quicker than you can say Sad Simple Sam solemnly sat on soft sinking sand we were fixed on Silzrack emergency beacon.

I could see the Geoglyphs. I said, „The latest research says they mark under ground water channels.“

Xrytspet said, „You’re crazy, Taylor Jones, the hack writer. I’d recognize the sketching of Pulog the Gigantic anywhere.“

„Not another Big Foot, Xrytspet?“ That is what I said.

She shook her head. „Big Foot? You’ve still got him on your mind? Pulog the Gigantic was last seen on Centelous in G10009845788857. That was in 29054 Centelous Equatorial Time.“

I said, „Land this thing, Xrytspet, I’ve got to study those things.“

She said, „You just don’t‘ believe anything do you? Okay, it’s pretty boring living up here in this desert. The people had to have something to do, didn’t they? They drew pictures in the dirt in centimeters and change the dimensions to kilometers as they shuffled the rocks around on the ground.“

I said, „What about the aquifers, Xrytspet?“

We landed. Xrytspet said, „Look, Silzrack has driven his dilffoct into the ground. I think he has found water?“

She turned to me with an amazed look on her face. She said, „You could be right this one time, Taylor Jones, the hack writer.“