Windows 7 Errors – How to Stop Windows 7 DLL Errors Permanently


Windows 7 might be the latest version of Windows but it is still plagued by the dreaded DLL errors. These errors can appear out of nowhere and cause immense frustration and annoyance to many computer users. Fortunately, Windows 7 has an easy way to fix these errors for good.

DLL errors are caused when Windows cannot find or read a specific „DLL“ file that it needs. DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files are what Windows uses to call a number of different settings and functions for your computer, and are used a lot by software programs to call a selection of common functions.

Every time you use a software program on your PC, Windows is constantly opening many different DLL files to help it run. These files tell the software programs everything from how to exit to how to load up. They are small libraries of information which allow Windows programs to be compacted and use a variety of common functions, instead of cramming everything into each program, making your PC run slow.

The problem with DLL files is that since they are needed so much by your PC & its software, many computers end up with many corrupted files which they cannot open. This causes a lot of problems because these DLL files are an essential part of the Windows system, and not having access to them will stop programs from functioning properly and will also prevent Windows from performing a lot of tasks that it needs to do.

To stop the DLL errors from appearing, there’s actually a simple way to fix the problem. It’s a common for Windows to actually get confused about where the DLL files are kept on your PC. These „DLL path references“ are where your computer looks for the DLL files that it needs. These references are kept inside the registry which is a database that stores all sorts of settings for your PC. This database keeps the locations of all the DLL files on your PC, and it’s often the case that many of these references will get damaged and unreadable.

To fix this, you should use a registry cleaner program to scan through the registry database and correct any of the damaged DLL file path references that are inside your system. These programs are very good at making DLL errors disappear by correcting all the damaged DLL reference paths inside the registry.